Neil Young

On the opening night of his solo tour last May, Neil Young quipped: “It’s the same song over and over again.” Young is currently road-testing a batch of new material, all of it bearing his trademark elements—acoustic isolation, crunching chords, and swirling angst. They also wrangle with vintage Young themes: “Peaceful Valley” is another look at Mother Nature on the run; “You Never Call” is about the loss of a dear friend; “Walk With Me” is about strength of faith. So what’s changed? Young himself. At 64, he’s staring his later years in the face with the same burning defiance that informs all his best work—at first blush, these songs split the difference between the middle-aged nostalgia of Silver & Gold and the brooding darkness of Sleeps With Angels. Diehard fans take note: rumor has it the BP oil spill inspired Young to dust off "Vampire Blues" for this leg of the tour. BRIAN BARR

Tue., July 20, 8 p.m., 2010

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