Romeo & Juliet

GreenStage’s traveling outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet a subtly subversive treat. Romeo (goofy and gracile Ryan Higgins), a crasher at the Capulet ball, first spies Juliet (Carolyn Marie Monroe) through Polaroid lenses in his mask. Of course she’ll pop into 3-D for him! Is their love the product merely of gonads gone gaga? Who cares, they’re giddy, we’re game, and soon a balcony will become the most romantic room in the house. Director Corey McDaniel withholds some fire from the first meeting, but lets the embers catch and blaze later—where else?—on the balcony. Sets are virtually nonexistent; architectural features like the balcony and the Capulet family crypt are, in typical GreenStage style, approximated by extras wearing cloaks. Both Romeo and Juliet wade into the audience, the difficulty of which nicely suggests the obstacles that separate them. The 12-member cast generally manages to project over traffic noise, barking dogs, and airplanes. (See for outdoor performance locations and dates.) MARGARET FRIEDMAN [See Margaret's full review.]

Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: July 9. Continues through Aug. 14, 2010

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