The Art of Discovery

Fifty years ago, the Junior League of Seattle began a Northwest art collection, from which over 70 pieces have now been selected. Names including Morris Graves, Jacob Lawrence, and Paul Horiuchi are represented. The quality is uneven, but several works deserve attention. Norman Lundin's 1981 Yellow Towel in Studio softens the sun shadows in a still life to which he typically adds depth with casually draped electrical cords. George Tsutakawa's tabletop bronze model for the Central Library's Fountain of Wisdom has a bonsai-like perfection. The always bubbly Glen Alps has several of cheerful Collographs from the '60s; and it's a bit of a shock to see Mark Tobey, in 1965, using bright yellows to render an anonymous Figure. Working on a very small scale, with pen and ink, Kenneth Callahan's undated Coyote looks like something you'd find snarling at you in the yard. BRIAN MILLER

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