Mary Gauthier

I’m shocked there hasn’t been a movie made about Mary Gauthier. Maybe I’ll write the screenplay. All the compelling, dramatic elements are there: Given up for adoption as a baby, she’s raised by alcoholics in Louisiana. She steals their car and runs away as a teen, becomes a heavy drug user, goes to jail, goes to rehab, goes to college and studies philosophy, moves to Boston and opens a successful Cajun restaurant, writes her first song at age 35, and goes on to an acclaimed folk/country career crafting dark, gritty, autobiographical songs. She tours with Willie Nelson, and Tim McGraw and Jimmy Buffett cover her tunes. Well, until my movie comes out, you can catch her performing songs from her gripping new record, The Foundling, about being abandoned and searching for her birth mother. With Peter Bradley Adams. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Wed., July 21, 8 p.m., 2010

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