Rush is almost on par with Elvis; one of those bands whose artistry is matched by the rippling cultural waves they've created. Rush is shrouded in mystery, regarded by their fans as brilliant wizards of melodic yet challenging progressive rock, somehow bridging a gap between Led Zeppelin and, say, Kraftwerk. They're also the sort of band that you secretly wish only existed on record; they should be wearing flowing robes, playing in smoking cauldrons, shooting lightning bolts and rainbows out of their guitars while jungle cats pace around beside them. Instead, they are (and always have been) the least hip-looking white Canadian guys you'll ever see. Regardless, if you close your eyes and listen, you're able to get transported to a pretty well-scored Comic-Con with a parking lot stocked with El Caminos, and it's tough to complain about that. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Sat., Aug. 7, 8 p.m., 2010

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