Best of Seattle 2010 Profiles

In tough times, these people are making the city a better place.

Seattle's long been a place where people not only do well, they do good. And with times being what they are, the good works are more important than ever. For this 25th annual edition of Best of Seattle®, we sought out some of the people who are making this city a better place. Whether it's in the arts, food, the environment, public health, or community life, these are Seattleites who, while not making a lot of profit, are having a lot of impact. Best Arts Partisan: Jim Kelly

Best Anarchist Criminal Parasite: Matt Westervelt

Best Mama Bear for Music's Marginalized: Mia Beardsley

Best Kindle Killer: Summer Robinson

Best Fruit Savior: Gail Savina

Best Gardening Diplomat: Bunly Yun

Best Promoter of Food Justice: Reverend Robert Jeffrey

Best Catcher in the Pike Market: Joe Martin

Best Immigrant Ambassador: Someireh Amirfaiz

Best Reformed-Dad Advocate: Marvin Charles

Best Watchdog for Tenants: Merf Ehman

Best Eco-Vehivle Preserver: Brad Johnsen

Best Hero to the Housebound: Ric Smith

Best Toxic Avenger: Cari Simson

Best Pan-Asian Club Maven: Miguel Saldin

Best Man for S'Mores and More: Aiden Lydick


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