Brian Marshall Band

The local guitarist and songwriter Brian Marshall released two albums before recruiting some accomplished peers -- Ivan Haas on drums, bassist Liz Roderick (niece of Long Winters frontman John Roderick), and lead guitarist David Allan Hultz -- to form the Brian Marshall Band. Vampire Happy Hour is their first collaborative release; it's all classic, fiery rock and roll, with lovelorn lyrics about the age-old game of winning, losing, and trying to win back that special someone. Some songs, like "Shelley" are countrified and twangy; others, like "Weekend in Tokyo," are moody and emotive. There are occasional howling electric guitar solos, and Marshall has smooth pipes that sometimes ascend into a clear falsetto. Solid, mature songwriting and polished musicianship are always a winning combination. With The Tailenders, Horace Pickett. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Mon., Aug. 16, 8 p.m., 2010

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