The Temper Trap

Attempting to infuse soulful gestures into a scientifically proven-to-be-un-soulful genre (indie rock) has been attempted so many times with terrible results; more times than not, it's an embarrassing, ham-fisted attempt at mashing together two flavors that leaves everyone feeling pretty disappointed and a little dirty. Somehow, The Temper Trap manage to jump these hurdles convincingly. Blending the two worlds gracefully, the Australian quartet integrate the spastic energy of bands like Bloc Party and the blissful nature of Jeff Buckley into a graceful mix of dynamics. Temper Trap mixes just enough hip-shaking into their swaying balladry, and sprinkle in just enough textural electronic elements and droned-out shoegaze sections to transport their solid pop music into that otherworldly territory where for the three minutes the song is playing, everything in the universe slows down to a near-complete stop. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Fri., Aug. 13, 8 p.m., 2010

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