The Mystic Sons of Morris Graves

Morris Graves died nine years ago. Or did he?!? That’s what’ll be determined tonight by The Mystic Sons of Morris Graves, who’ll conduct a séance to reach the late Northwest artist (1910-2001) on the centenary of his birth. Seating is limited and reservations are recommended for the event, with Kirk Charles presiding and Ajar West playing the suitably spooky Theremin. Before the occult activities commence, be sure to see the final day’s display of Graves artifacts by Charles Krafft, Matthew Kangas, and others (Graves included). The echt-Masonic certificates and imagery nod to Graves’ longstanding interest in mysticism, Zen Buddhism, and animism. These tongue-in-cheek Sons revere an eccentric, reclusive artist who left no sons, who encouraged no cult, who refused to join any clubs or serve in WWII when drafted. Famed in the ’40s, he left the Northwest in the ’50s. But if the Sons are correct, his spirit is with us still. (Vandenbrink Community Room.) BRIAN MILLER

Sat., Aug. 28, 9 p.m., 2010

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