22 Doors Happy Hour

22 Doors continues to hold down the title for darkest, loungiest Bar on 15th Avenue at night. It's good for cocktails and fine dining with bird-like portions, which serves a discriminate muncher well during happy hour. By day, you can take advantage of its cozy patio to savor reasonable drink specials: draft beers are $1 off, well drinks are $4, and the best bargain is their fine wine glasses for $4, roughly half of the usual price. The "naked" Chicken Wings ($6.5) are exceptional—perfectly fried with creme fraiche and their house hot sauce—and the mini burgers ($5) are a popular compliment to a beer. But above all, it's the Truffle Fries ($5), shoestring-style and generously drizzled with the oil of the most decadent fungi, that are the best offering for taste, price, and ability to properly accompany alcohol. You're more than likely to get a server with a personality to boot, so be prepared to mingle. And the best-kept secret is the small plates for half-off late night Friday and Saturday: You can eat a gourmet dinner for under $10. HOLLIS WONG-WEAR

Mondays-Thursdays, 2010

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