Crying Shame

For a while there, I was really wondering what was going on with the Crying Shame. The band put out a couple of noir pop country releases, then disappeared into the ether. Turns out Arlan, the band's frontman, recently had wrist surgery; this will be one of the band's first post-op shows. It must've been tough to write songs with a bum wrist, but there is at least one new track up on the band's MySpace, "She Ain't the Havin' Kind," about (what else?) lost love. It's a sparse, minimal number, trembling with bass and the righteous indignation of a scorned lover. In an era when sweet, angelic voices and harmonies seem to be all the rage in Seattle's folk scene, Arlan's bass drawl makes for a refreshing change. With Ben Gilmer & the Sidearms. SARA BRICKNER

Fri., Aug. 27, 9 p.m., 2010

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