Ed Ou

A country some deem “the next Afghanistan,” owing to its lawless, tribal refuge for Al Qaeda, Yemen is a place few Westerners dare to visit. But 23-year-old Canadian photojournalist Ed Ou did just that, and his haunting desert images are on view in the group show Perspectives (also featuring Cara Barer, Toby Smith, and Luce Pelletier). With a small, weak, corrupt government that controls little of the country, Yemenis are basically left to themselves. Clan and village provide the organizing units for society; then there are the various Islamic militias and foreign fugitives, all very well armed. But Ou focuses less on the political than the quiet quotidian scenes of life at the mosque, soccer field, and marketplace. In the capitol city of Sana, scorching hot by day, the narrow labyrinth of streets fills with nighttime strollers headed out to drink tea, gossip, or hit the Internet cafes. One notices, however, that in this rigidly segregated country, they’re all male. And overhead, out of frame, you can imagine that our Predator drones are silently circling, looking for targets. BRIAN MILLER

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