Earl's on the Ave Happy Hour

Their website claims they make the best drinks in Seattle. If "best" translates to "strongest," it's no lie, and a claim that UW students will devotedly attest to. The $4.50 nightly specials are what cause the most commotion—especially a legendary Long Island Iced Tea (Monday) that’s sure to kick you in the ass as fast as you can get it down. And because there are literally no shot glasses in the entire bar, pourings are done by sight, and generously so. If you can still stand afterwards, there are a handful of pool tables and a regular weeknight DJ. But this is a place to drink above all other things; top-shelf liquors might not be a priority, but you probably won't remember what they taste like anyway. And after a night at Earl's, it will become blatantly obvious that you can't afford not to come back. NICK FELDMAN

Starts: Sept. 7. Daily, 4-8 p.m., 2010

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