Hootenanny For A Healthy Gulf

About six months ago, a few weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, STG honcho Debra Heesch and Ashley O'Conner (the wife of Pearl Jam's Mike McCready) stepped up to organize the Hootenanny For Haiti at the Showbox at the Market. Featuring McCready, myself, Star Anna, and Mark Pickerel, and others, the Hoot was quickly organized by and sold out even faster. It can be a big headache to corral a bunch of artists into the same cause and venue for a single performance. I think it says something about this city’s arts community that all of these musicians will actually drop everything, not only for an important cause, but also for the chance to play with each other. Deb and Ashley are back in action for Thursday’s Hootenanny For A Healthy Gulf at the Moore Theater. Artists this time around? Mike McCready, Pete Droge, Shawn Smith, the original Fastbacks, Rachel Flotard, and many others, including myself. With Star Anna, Mark Pickerel, Kim Virant, Justin Davis, Tim DiJulio, Chris & Rick Friel, Rebeqa Rivers, Jeff Rouse, Ty Bailie, Kristen Ward, Gary Westlake, Rusty Willoughby. DUFF MCKAGAN

Thu., Sept. 2, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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