Melrose Market Street Fair

Just across the street from the popular Capitol Hill hangouts Chapel and Bauhaus Coffee is Melrose Market, an easy-to-miss brick triangle once occupied by car shops. In their place, nine fashionable new eateries, shops, and boutiques have been opening this year under a single roof. Today’s street fair celebrates them all. Food and libations will be plentiful and even a little fancy. Chef Matt Dillon of Sitka & Spruce will take a break from his usual haute cuisine to do some good old-fashioned barbecuing. The Homegrown deli will vend its locally sourced snacks and sandwiches. Calf & Kid and Rain Shadow Meats will provide, respectively, artisan cheeses and charcuterie. This event’s a bit too classy for a keg, but Bar Ferd’nand and Still Liquor will be mixing cocktails for grown-ups. (Proceeds from the separate beer garden benefit Seattle Tilth.) For entertainment, über-chic Velouria Boutique is putting on a fashion show; and Sonic Boom Records has wrangled three live bands (beginning at 1 p.m.): Texas New Wavers Times New Roman, local folk singer Kyle Bradford, and electro-ravers Head Like a Kite. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Sun., Sept. 12, 10 a.m.-11 p.m., 2010

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