The Puyallup Fair

The Puyallup Fair asks, “What could be more fun for a 6-year-old than holding onto a sheep and lasting 6 seconds?” Personally, I can think of several things. A better question might be, What’s more perversely fascinating than watching the wee riders try to stay on the backs of the wooly critters? You’ll have the chance to do that just at the fair’s Mutton Bustin’ competition, one of many such livestock-related events. If four-legged animals aren’t your thing, there’s a lineup of dinosaur rockers like Bret Michaels of Poison (!), plus more recent musical luminaries including Adam Lambert and Kid Rock. When you get hungry, there’s more food on a stick than you can shake a stick at: cotton candy, corn dogs, shish kabobs, and caramel apples. And if you happen to have your own children in tow (or if you just really like SpongeBob), a range of costumed cartoon characters will be roaming the Toonzville building. But, please, don’t let your kids try to ride them. REBECCA COHEN

Sept. 10-26, 10 a.m.-11 p.m., 2010

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