Koren Zailckas

Following the publication of her critically acclaimed 2005 memoir of drunkenness, Smashed, Koren Zailckas is sober, successful, and ... miserable. Having repressed her emotions, particularly anger, for years, she turns to counseling, homeopathy, even yoga. But she discovers her issues run too deep to be solved with the downward dog. In her follow-up memoir Fury (Viking, $25.95), Zailckas relates both her personal struggles with, and detailed research into, female anger. The journalism is well-informed, and her accounts of an unplanned pregnancy and family conflicts are harrowing. Readers may have less patience with her on again/off again relationship with a British musician she calls “the Lark.” (One wonders, does he have a single brother named the Crow?) But you can thumb past those pages and still admire this young woman’s candor. She knows how to tell one hell of a story—which you’d rather read about than experience first-hand. ERIKA HOBART

Wed., Sept. 22, 7 p.m., 2010

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