While the Northwest has produced its fair share of musical gems, few shine as brightly and clearly as Ann Wilson's voice. She’s just as comfortable gliding along like a clear, gentle breeze or opening up into a powerful, full-throttle howl. Along with her guitar-slinging sister Nancy, the Wilsons have managed to ride out the storms of four very different musical decades. Heart not only helped define the Northwest's reliance on chugging, stadium-ready riffage (as well as more introspective, folkier leanings), but also served as a swift kick in the ass to the novelty of a female-fronted rock band. While the 80's weren't necessarily the kindest in terms of timeless creative output (were they for anyone?), the S. S. Dreamboat Annie sailed on; earlier this month, Heart released the 70's-tinged Red Velvet Car, which debuted at #10 in the Billboard 200 charts. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Sat., Sept. 25, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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