Kenny Loggins

Daryl Hall and Kenny Loggins are veteran pop crooners who’ve enjoyed extraordinarily long careers. Both are prone to fits of smooth jazz falsetto, and each have had considerable (and regrettable) reconstructive work done on their faces. While Hall has been embraced by modern-day hipsters, Loggins is best remembered as the guy who provided theme music for ‘80s blockbusters like Top Gun, Footloose, and Caddyshack, laying Lindsey Buckingham to waste. Yet in terms of whose live performance most resembles the man in his prime, Loggins, based on a recent performance in San Antonio, is more than alright, while Hall’s rusty pipes are deep in the danger zone. Should it be Loggins and Oates instead, leaving Hall to Messina? Only if the public demands it. MIKE SEELY

Sun., Sept. 26, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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