It’s a Salon!

Performing as "Cherdonna Shinatra," Jody Kuehner is a tall blonde rocking unflattering hair extensions, a la Britney Spears. Ricki Mason, as "Lou Henry Hoover," is a short brunette with a creepy pencil 'stache. Watching them is like observing the birth of the love child of a modern dancer and a drag performer—bizarre and compelling. "By working with contemporary dance and drag, we're able to pull people in on several different levels," Mason explains. "Our work is as suited for Chop Suey and Re-bar as it is On the Boards. Kuehner and Mason intend for Salon! to be more intimate and less performative than their previous work. Says Mason, "Rather than use the variety-show format, we're operating in real time. The idea is that we are having a party in our living room and reacting to the different conversations and awkward moments that arise." Watch carefully, and you'll see how they skillfully insert their characters' quirky traits into the practiced choreography. "The movement is supposed to come out of the characters," Kuehner says. "We are dancers, but we are also living in [Cherdonna and Lou's] bodies." ERIKA HOBART [Also see Kevin Phinney's review.]

Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: Oct. 1. Continues through Oct. 16, 2010

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