Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside be easily labeled as a jazz band. Ford has the voice of soul singer: throaty and rough around the edges, channeling Billie Holliday and Etta James. And Ford’s three-piece backing band’s jangly electric guitars turn songs like “Danger” and “Not An Animal” into sultry blues jams. On the other hand, her music also fits in the current folk music revival. There are elements of old-time country in her twangy, muffled songs, which makes sense, since Ford herself--now a Portland resident--is from Asheville, North Carolina. But then again, she’s unafraid to name-drop influential indie bands from the past 20 years; on “Write Me Letter,” she mentions Jets to Brazil and includes the lyric, “Keep on listening on Sunny Day Real Estate/ and know that/ you don’t gotta change.” The result is a genre-defying musician whose 2011 debut LP could be a revelation. With The Foghorns, Basemint. PAIGE RICHMOND

Sat., Oct. 2, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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