WTF?! Guys & Dolls & Zombies

Zombies get no respect in the museums or galleries. Vampires, sure, because they're sexy and transgressive. The devil and his minions have been part of Western art since the dawn of Christ. And classical mythology and art are full of beasts and half-human creatures. But nobody loves the undead. Yet this group show gives props to the brain eaters, with work by Kate Vrijmoet, Shaun Doll, Paul D. McKee, and Daniel John Williams. Here we see zombies riding roller coasters, totemic dolls to protect against zombie attacks, and ordinary suburbanites clutching the tools to be used for their last stand. (Hedge clippers make an excellent weapon; but you probably knew that already.) T. BOND

Oct. 5-Nov. 7; Thu., Oct. 14, 6-9 p.m., 2010

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