Lebowski Fest

German nihilists, a stoner detective, bowling, a Malibu porn baron, a philosophizing cowpoke, and dream-sequence Saddam Husseins. Also: the force of nature that is Walter Sobchak. Only the Coen brothers could have put all of that (and much more) into a movie and expected it to work. Yet 12 years after its debut, The Big Lebowski is bigger than ever, with a cottage industry dedicated to the Dude-iverse. There are now books, action figures, and more. But the nexus of Dude-abiding fandom is Lebowski Fest. Now in its eighth year, the traveling festival takes cult celebration to new heights. The El Duderino express arrives tonight with a screening of the film, burlesque dancing by Itty Bitty Bang Bang, and music by Thee Emergency. Saturday, the fiesta moves north to Kenmore Bowl for trivia, Lebowski-inspired costumes, and, yes, bowling ($25-$28). Both events are 21 and over, since many White Russians will be consumed. (NR) JOHN WOOD

Fri., Oct. 15, 8 p.m., 2010

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