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Lecosho opens up, Ivar's predicts the future, and so much more.

Blind squirrels. Giant clams. Kevin Bacon. It was another good week over on the Voracious blog (, where we covered all the good, bad, and strange news happening in and around the Seattle restaurant scene. From our Boozamahol department came this: "In the Dept. of Well-Deserved Honors That Should Surprise No One, Harley-Davidson recently released results from a dealer poll that ranked West Seattle's Alki Tavern among the region's best destinations for motorcycle enthusiasts." On the politics beat, we talked about I-1100 (the Costco-backed measure to privatize liquor sales) and all the local food-service heavyweights—Tom Douglas, Linda Derschang, Ethan Stowell, Brian Canlis, and many others—who lent their support to the ballot initiative in a TV spot. Grant Achatz of Chicago's Alinea and soon-to-open Aviary taught us all how to make an Old Fashioned his way—which of course involved balloons, a blast chiller, a giant syringe, some laboratory-grade glassware, and whiskey. Oh, for the days when all a cocktail required was a bottle, a glass, some ice, and a handsome young Irishman to pour it into . . . Ivar's made news this week by starting its 100th-birthday celebration 20 years early and making predictions for the coming decades. We collected them all for the blog, so you're going to have to pay a visit there to see what the future of Ivar's looks like (hint: It involves giant clams, subterranean drive-thrus, and trained squadrons of seagulls). It looks like the new bar and restaurant Grim will be taking over the space at 1512 11th Ave. formerly occupied by Grey Gallery. We're just wondering what could possibly make anyone in their right mind want to give their new restaurant such an . . . interesting name. Zaw Pizza has a brand new location over at 1137 34th Ave. in Madrona, which should be open by November. Matt Janke from Matt's in the Market has finally got his highly-anticipated Lecosho up and running at 89 University St. (at the Harbor Steps). And Seattle has yet another new food truck: Fusion on the Run, a mobile taco-and-sandwich operation which already seems to be kicking some serious ass. You can follow them @fusionontherun on Twitter. Want to know where to find Seattle's Top Five free bar snacks? Then you've got to read Voracious every day. Want to know the six best things to eat while drunk (according to our new feature Food Pairing for the Modern Sophisticate) or where Ray Charles' favorite pie in Seattle was served? Then you've got to read Voracious every day. Want to see a giant sculpture of the head of Kevin Bacon made entirely out of bacon? Then you have to read Voracious every goddamn day. We're bringing the strange. We're bringing the funny. We're bringing all the news you need about all the restaurants you love. All you have to do is show up.

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