Harry Shearer: The Silent Echo Chamber

In his installation Harry Shearer: The Silent Echo Chamber, the veteran comic actor cuts the volume on some of cable TV’s most vociferous talking heads. Here are Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others in blissful, bored silence. Shearer has long been fond of culling the satellite airwaves for the pre-broadcast waiting, the interval before the camera clicks on and the shouting begins. These are unguarded moments of yawning, hair combing, and slurping down cheap coffee—the “unvarnished depictions of human behavior,” says Shearer. It’s true, and whether you vote Republican or Democrat, there’s something calmly reassuring about John McCain sipping coffee or Joe Biden scarfing down a cookie. Lou Dobbs doesn’t seem quite such the demagogue when hushed; he’s more like a serene, shiny Buddha. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other politicians are glimpsed on the nine video monitors. But the star is Anderson Cooper, so hyperactive and fidgety before his camera cue that, in his tight black T-shirt, he appears to be leading an aerobics class. BRIAN MILLER

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