Bill Burr

“Being a mother ain’t the easiest job in the world,” according to comedian Bill Burr. But, he adds, “Now being a redheaded roofer in the summer, that definitely ain’t easy.” One of the most prolific insult comics today, a fixture on Letterman and Conan, Burr bombards his fans with low blows delivered in a blue-collar Beantown accent. With a stage demeanor that’s a cross between Don Rickles and Steve Buscemi, Burr has a knack for riling up audiences. Women in particular—he loves to poke fun at gender roles, and his routines frequently begin with rants about feminism or whatever mundane task his girlfriend forced him to do last weekend. Yet Burr, who creates a weekly Monday podcast, remains both charming and abrasive. His current tour is called You People Are All the Same. Not in a good way, we’re guessing. FERNANDO SIOSON

Sat., Nov. 27, 8 p.m., 2010

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