Lisa Dank

Known as much for her colorfully choreographed and flagrantly sexual performances as for her hooky, insinuating catalogue, Juliane Popelka strives to maintain the high gloss of a pop star while staying true to the Northwest's ingrained DIY aesthetic. Aside from her attention-grabbing showmanship, the South American transplant and former accountant better known as Lisa Dank — an acronym representing “Dance Awesome Naked Killer” — crafts feverish electro-laced tunes unlike most of those coming out of Seattle. In a city historically known for rock 'n' roll and currently fixated on hip-hop, making pop music isn't exactly the style du jour—but channeling Madonna, Dank couldn’t care less. With Control Keys, 5H1FTY. NICK FELDMAN

Mon., Nov. 22, 9 p.m., 2010

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