“Rumspringa” is a term of Dutch origin, typically used in reference to the theoretically hedonistic sabbatical Amish adolescents are encouraged to take during their transition to adulthood. Rumspringa is also a guitar-drum duo from Los Angeles that does not fall into the expectedly noisy, shambolic territory that is currently claimed by other two-piece configurations like the White Stripes or Seattle’s own My Goodness, choosing instead to mine more downbeat grooves with softer soul undertones and the occasional twang or flange effect that fans of Hayden or Crooked Fingers might enjoy. It doesn’t always work smoothly, but when they do get it in the pocket, as they do on the single “Shake ‘Em Loose Tonight,” it’s a remarkable exercise in minimalism to admire. With Bear Hands, Black Whales. HANNAH LEVIN

Sun., Nov. 21, 8 p.m., 2010

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