A Tribute to Harry Smith

You might not know who Harry Smith is, but folk music would not be what it is today -- or even what it was sixty years ago -- without his quintessential Anthology of American Folk Music, which he composed out of his own personal record collection. Of 78s. Of music recorded between 1926 and 1932. As in, pre-Woody Guthrie. Now that's old-timey. For this tribute show, some of Seattle's finest country singers will be performing some of those ancient tunes, which would likely not have survived if not for Smith's obsessive record-collecting. Make sure to catch Zoe Muth, whose Emmylou-esque songs sound like they could've been recorded during the first folk revival of the '60s, and Pufferfish, one of Seattle's most under-appreciated Americana outfits. They'll be joined by songwriter Levi Fuller (who is also a member of Pufferfish) and GravelRoad, who's served as backing band for legendary bluesman T Model Ford. SARA BRICKNER

Fri., Nov. 26, 9 p.m., 2010

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