Passion Pit

Sensitive male hipsters love Michael Angelakos’ electro-pop band for the following reasons: the ladies dig anything resembling The Postal Service, the ladies fall for Angelakos’ falsetto vocals that hide lyrics full of misery, and you can shove Passion Pit’s debut Manners in any Owl City-loving teenybopper’s face. Best of all are Angelakos’ rhetorical grief-stricken questions like “We’re swimming in a flood, you know?” and “Whose side are you on?/ What side is this anyway?” (Double whammy!). Admit it, bouncing around to 8-bit video game music with wails of heartache triggers memories of playing Nintendo while thinking about that one girl who already had a boyfriend. With Mister Heavenly, We Barbarians, Pepper Rabbit. BRYDEN MCGRATH

Tue., Nov. 30, 8 p.m., 2010

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