Seattle Vintage Fashion Show

Silk teagowns and perky cloches, saddle shoes and fringed flapper dresses—the Jazz Age was a time when fashion gained its freedom. In the Roaring ’20s, American women discovered the chic examples of Chanel, Schiaparelli, and Vionnet—women who defined elegance with their sleek, original designs. (I shudder to think what these luminaries would think of Ke$ha and Snooki.) Fashion know-all Lorraine O’Neal pays tribute to that era by hosting the third Seattle Vintage Fashion Show, part of the jazz-crazy Savoy Swing Club’s Killer Diller Weekend. O’Neal’s snagged Vain to style her models (read: the hair will look amazing), and the show’s clothing will be a lot more interesting than the musty stuff on the racks at Goodwill. Period pieces have been sourced from O’Neal personal trove—she’s been collecting for 15 years—and various donors, including one thrifty 84-year-old who kept her grandmother’s wardrobe, perhaps waiting for an event just like this. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Sat., Dec. 4, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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