The Brothers Balthazar Post-Thanksgiving Hootenanny

I hate the holidays like Sarah Palin hates Planned Parenthood. I've learned it’s all about timing your exit: you know, long enough after the Bacchanalian gorging to be polite, but before your stepmom/dad/nosy aunt gets loaded and starts ranting about how you shouldn't have broken up with your ex. So God bless the Blue Moon for not only staying open on the holidays, but for holding fun events you might actually want to attend. Billed as a Thanksgiving hootenanny with "the Brothers Balthazar," the event actually features a variety of rotating secret musical guests playing things like blues and rock and holiday standards. As the bar's booker Jason Josephes says, "I'm not saying former Monkees frontman Mickey Dolenz is stopping by to sit in with them, but I'm also not saying that he isn't. Only one way to find out, kids!" SARA BRICKNER

Thu., Nov. 25, 9 p.m., 2010

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