Brendan Benson

Detroit/Nashville popsmith Brendan Benson has made a career doing what scientists haven't ever been able to do: create a sweet, natural-tasting sugar substitute that has zero calories and few harmful side effects. 14 years and 4 solo albums (as well as 2 albums with the Raconteurs) into his research, thousands have been exposed to Benson's sweaty, syrupy pop, and the last lab reports show no health problems associated with exposure to Benson's catalog, aside from occasional feverish feelings, random bursts of energy, and flashbacks to Badfinger concerts. While co-Raconteur Jack White has made no official statements on the matter, photographic evidence suggests exposure to Benson's vitamin D heavy songwriting is the only known factor that can change White's pallor from "Arctic Frost" to "Slightly Cherubic Corpse.” With The Posies, Aqueduct. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Sat., Dec. 11, 7 p.m., 2010

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