Food's Week That Was: Lots of Potatoes, Lettuce, Ice Cream, and Premium Beer

And don't forget about Reggae-muffins and Barry Maniloaf.

We began last week by talking about books and caffeine (at Georgetown's All City Coffee), moved on to Christmas shopping and Mini Donuts in Westlake, cured our Monday hangovers at West Seattle's Luna Park Cafe, and then talked about lots and lots of lettuce, courtesy of CSA Autumn. After that, we started answering the pressing questions of the day. Like, for example, have you ever wondered what exactly makes Milwaukee's Best Premium "premium?" The answer: nothing, apparently, as discovered after an exhaustive Voracious investigation. It's just the same beer in a fancier can, which seems somehow . . . unfair. What's the most important thing a new restaurateur needs to worry about these days? Apparently, their operation's social-networking presence—which often means getting the Facebook page up and running before the restaurant's website is ready or the menus printed. The Blue Glass (at 704 N.W. 65th St.) was a perfect example, blasting out news of their pre-opening night party to friends and neighbors all across the Sound. And if you've ever wondered what to get the twitchy food geek in your life for Christmas, that question was answered by our own Seattle Food Geek in his "Top Food Geek Christmas Gifts of 2010" list: lab glasses and ridiculously expensive cookbooks. For those of you who've been following Chris Voigt, he finally made it to the end of his self-imposed 60-day nothing-but-spuds challenge, and, it seems, came out the other side happier, healthier, and without going completely insane. But then he had to be a little bit crazy already just to embark on such a strict gastro-quest. Queen Anne got a new (and moderately famous) frozen-yogurt shop with the opening of Menchie's at 2101 Queen Anne Ave. N. So now if Taylor Swift ever rolls through town, she'll be happy to know there's a place to score her favorite fro-yo. 5 Corner Market, from chef Sam Crannell, will be coming to Ballard. The gastropub is scheduled to open December 13 in the former Market Street home of Lombardi's. And it seems someone was paying attention during the whole Dick's Drive-In kerfuffle over where to put their newest store, because Molly Moon's is now looking to open another location—and has turned to the people of Seattle to decide where. In other news, we continued our celebrity-chef face-offs last week, this time with the Surly Gourmand pitting Food Network host Sandra Lee against a pale-throated sloth (guess who won?). We discussed sex, high school, Emma Stone in a black bustier, and crispy duck from Peking House in this week's Dinner & a Movie. And finally, in honor of Japan's new media-infused food product, Mozart Bananas (plain old bananas which get Mozart played to them as they ripen), we went to the trouble of inventing several more foods with a McLuhan twist. Our favorites were Reggae-muffins, Barry Maniloaf, and Porno Ham, but you can see all of them by finding your way to the Voracious blog at

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