Garaj Mahal

This band needs an editor. Someone to say: “look, you guys are just fabulous. Those long funky jams with Kai popping the bass and Sean all over the kit like he’s got six limbs—that’s great stuff. But seriously, no more singing, ok? And that orchestral world-music bit, I mean, it’s really good to stretch but it’s starting to sound like Derek Smalls’ ‘Jazz Odyssey.’ Can you dial that back a little?” But Garaj Mahal does not have an editor. These four guys have gone their own way for a decade now, touring constantly, with no major label backing, answerable to no one and with no one to curtail their more indulgent tendencies. You take the good with the bad. MARK D. FEFER

Tue., Dec. 28, 8 p.m., 2010

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