An Incomplete History of Onry Ozzborn's No Hoax

From Oldominion to Hold on for Dear Life.

1996 Farmington, New Mexico, transplant Michael Martinez—stage name, Onry Ozzborn—forms his first rap group, Oraclez Creed, in Seattle with fellow future Oldominion crew members Sleep and Pale Soul. November 13, 2001 Ozzborn releases the solo album Alone on Portland's BSI Records, his first on an official label. After Ozzborn helps found the Oldominion collective in 1999, the crew releases the epochal One in 2001, which is re-released in 2002 by Stuck Under the Needle records. According to Ozzborn, a subsequent tour with Swollen Members, Micranots, and Anticon "got us known worldwide." February 15, 2005 Grayskul (Ozzborn and JFK of Oldominion) release their debut full-length Deadlivers on Rhymesayers Entertainment, and Ozzborn becomes even better known. September 16, 2008 Ozzborn releases the Gigantics' debut project, Die Already, which he produces mainly by himself. It features verses from around 50 MCs, including prominent national indie-rap artists Murs, Mr. Lif, and Aesop Rock. April 20, 2010 Dark Time Sunshine (Ozzborn and Chicago producer Alex Zavala) release their debut full-length, Vessel, on Fake Four Inc. Ozzborn confirms that he does in fact have a group for every mood: "When I feel like exploring stuff without having to compromise, I'll do solo stuff. Grayskul is a more aggressive mood. If I don't feel like rapping a lot, I'll do some Gigantics stuff. Dark Time Sunshine is more emotional and happy." He also lists DTS as his main focus. December 6, 2010 Ozzborn releases, for free on the Internet, the first installment of No Hoax, a solo album that was shelved when DTS became more popular than anticipated. Ozzborn is releasing three tracks each Monday this month—via—after which the tracks will be permanently removed from the 'Net, never to be released again. January 25, 2011 Ozzborn releases what he says may be his final solo album, Hold On for Dear Life, on Fake Four Inc.

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