When the last Hot Topic burns to the ground and the Grand Ol' Punk Hall of Fame gets erected (likely somewhere in Brooklyn or Berkeley), one of the largest busts in the 90's wing will belong to Blake Schwarzenbach. As frontman of Jawbreaker, Schwarzenbach managed the tough/sensitive guy dichotomy perfectly; writing intellectual Caulfield-isms delivered with his raspy bark, Jawbreaker was simultaneously sappy and snarling before that kind of thing was commercially viable and polarized the punk community by signing to a major label in the middle of the self-righteous "punks don't do that" years. Schwarzenbach's next band, Jets to Brazil, turned the sap up and the snarl down, writing gentler, more sophisticated songs. Jets to Brazil broke up in 2003, and apparently 7 years of being bottled up has brought Schwarzenbach back to his vitriolic roots. Playing in his new trio forgetters, Schwarzenbach's bitter bile has aged surprisingly well, coming off even more lyrically complex and jadedly cathartic atop a bed of dark and simple angular punk. With Street Eaters. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Thu., Dec. 30, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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