Paul Allen's New Year's Cruise

Plenty of celebs, but not as exclusive as you'd think.

Billionaire Paul Allen's traditional New Year's Eve bender—an all-night, celeb-studded affair aboard Allen's $200 million battleship-sized yacht, the Octopus, which costs about $385,000 a week to operate—is rumored to again be set for chic and sunny St. Barts in the Caribbean. The Seahawks owner has something special to celebrate this year: recent tests have shown he's cancer-free. Not that the party needs any enlivening, as a report on last year's St. Barts shindig revealed. The New York Post reported that Allen partied with a crowd of rock and screen stars, along with aging billionaire George Soros, who arrived with two young brunettes in tow: "A witness said the left-leaning financier showed up with the pair of lovelies and appeared quite friendly with them, making a little like an octopus himself. At one point, Soros, 78, was seen trampling all over one of their gowns as he enjoyed a beverage." Revelers reported aboard the Octopus on recent New Years include rap mogul Russell Simmons, Eddie Murphy, Jon Bon Jovi, Martha Stewart, George Lucas, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ellen Barkin, Barry Diller, and a lineup of supermodels. Allen usually takes the stage with his band as well. In a piece on St. Barts, Vanity Fair noted that invitations aren't needed for Allen's bash. The 416-foot boat—with a crew of 60, two helicopters, seven boats, a submarine, and a remote-controlled ocean-floor vehicle—is "so huge that he literally just sends shuttles [to shore], and anybody can come."

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