Andy Kindler

Standup comedian Andy Kindler feels he's really hit a groove with his gig as a correspondent for the Letterman show. Indeed, those segments, he feels, allow him to showcase another facet of his humor. "I hate to use the words 'skill set,'" he laughs. "I don't know where I've heard that. It sounds like something from business." When he's working on a piece for the late-night talk show, he remembers an anecdote about his favorite band, the Grateful Dead. "There was a show they did that [Jerry Garcia] hated so much," Kindler recounts, "he got into a fight with [bandmate] Phil Lesh. Later when he heard it back it was one of his favorite concerts. A lot of times when you think in the moment something isn't going that well, you look back and it looks fine. That's why in these pieces I think, 'Oh, you're not saying anything funny, you're not doing anything interesting at all,' and then I'll look back and say, 'Oh, okay, that worked out good.'" P.F. WILSON

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