In the Solitude of Cotton Fields

Young Polish director Radosław Rychcik adapts a French play by Bernard-Marie Koltès, In the Solitude of Cotton Fields, with the musical backing of techno punk band Natural Born Chillers (also of Poland). In a recent L.A. staging, smoke billowed around the band and the two unnamed characters. The production took a single moment of eye contact, a sliver of interaction between two men engaged in an anonymous sexual pickup, a prelude to prostitution, and exploded that moment with sound and poetry and psychology to expose the matrix of connections between desire, power, and economics. Says one guy, "I'm not here to offer pleasure, but to fill the aching void of desire to the brim." He's answered by the client's comparatively brutish response. It's the kind of friction that could've been conjured by Tennessee Williams. STEVEN LEIGH MORRIS

Jan. 13-16, 8 p.m., 2011

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