Pony Time

Pony Time is a year-old Seattle duo that makes the kind of garage-inflected, early '60s pop—delivered by contemporary punks—that’s been picking up steam over the last year, and has been heard primarily via cassette around town. Pony Time throws the genre a curve by making it with a boy-girl duo (nothing shocking about that) that is driven not by a six-string guitar but by a four-string bass played by vocalist Luke Beetham. Delivered from the low register, the deeply fuzzy tones serve as sheets of drone in support of Beetham's high-pitched, B-52s-inspired vocals. Drummer Stacy Peck, formerly of the Telepathic Liberation Army, hits the drums in a tasteful, testosterone-free style of playing that comes from the heart, that's not note perfect, but is ideally suited for the music. On stage they are deliberately rough and off the cuff. Come curious, leave with a tape. With The Babies, Butts, Detective Agency. CHRIS KORNELIS

Wed., Jan. 5, 9:30 p.m., 2011

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