Shadows, Raincoats & Monsters

The inaugural show for Olivier Wevers' Whim W’Him company at On the Boards last year created a big ruckus with the audience. In the lobby following the show, “Needs to be more radical” argued with “Not enough like ballet.” The debate continued on blogs and online comments to reviews. Both factions, and everyone in between, should come see the next episode in this young Belgian choreographer’s development. (Don't worry, he hasn't quit his day job as a principal at PNB). Shadows, Raincoats & Monsters begins Whim W'Him's five-year residency with Intiman, a platform for Wevers to fuse what might seem like disparate parts of the dance world. In addition to his two new works (Monster and This Is Not a Raincoat), the rising European dancemaker Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Cylindrical Shadows will be performed. All three pieces should give us all plenty to talk about. SANDRA KURTZ

Fri., Jan. 14, 7:30 p.m.; Jan. 15-16, 2011

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