Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods: Meet the Scottish Cartoonist

Fans of superhero comics idolize Grant Morrison, a fast-talking, bald-headed Scot prone to discussing quantum physics, his personal problems, his alien abduction, and whatever else he fancies in a full-speed blurry burr. They're the ideal but not the only audience for Patrick Meaney's documentary, assuming a larger audience might enjoy watching a colorful soul in perpetual monologue. Uninitiated viewers might also learn a little comics history along the way as Morrison channels Morrison on the changes he has wrought on Superman, Batman, and other DC favorites as various fans and colleagues chip in with their comments (all positive). Comics historians can now track Morrison's ups and downs—a turning point came with the death of his shamanistic cat—and how they relate to the evolution of these "superheroes with post-traumatic stress disorder." 9/11 gives us his personal work, The Filth; his happy marriage, on the other hand, gifts us with a grinning, joyful Superman. Left unexplored is the nature of the long leash his corporate employers grant him. Meeting him at ComicCon, we leave him in his Scottish castle, far from talked out.

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