Gabriel Mintz

Gabriel Mintz is a purebred eccentric. He has stringy Kenny G hair and wire-rim glasses, and talks in a hippie patois. He has been known to office-hop in Pioneer Square in search of free cheese (no joke), and dresses as though he were caught in a tornado—if that tornado contained clothes from Nordstrom Rack instead of dust particles, Judy Garland, and Bill Paxton. He is clearly unconcerned with looking cool, as evidenced both by his appearance and willingness to sing backing vocals during a Peter Cetera cover band's short set at the Blue Moon on Christmas Eve. He also participated in a cream puff eating contest at the Little Red Hen, where his pregame liquor consumption earned him the nickname “Rumple Mintz.” When performing his own music, he's like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page combined, minus the harem of comely seductresses. With Elba, The Quit. Mike Seely

Thu., Jan. 13, 8 p.m., 2011

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