Clutch Douglass

It’s obvious Clutch Douglass has a sense of humor—exemplifying the Seattle sound “by being caffeinated, passive-aggressive, and prone to random weather patterns”—but what really happens when punk rock meets trip-hop? The answer, in a word: dance. The duo of all-female punk outfit NighTraiN’s Rachael Ferguson on vocals and perennial soundtrack-gracing Fading Collection’s Corey Paganucci on instruments recently released their six-track EP Get Juicy, a maelstrom of aggressive vocals, driving guitar, interspersed keys and heavy drum sounds. True to their word, Clutch Douglass will show you how to get juicy and cut lose-y. With Lucy Bland, Focus! Focus! NICK FELDMAN

Sat., Jan. 22, 9 p.m., 2011

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