Yen Wor Karaoke

This dingy bar in the Admiral Junction represents the roots of karaoke. The Japanese may have invented it, but back in its early days (the mid-80's) here in the states, it was the Chinese restaurant lounges that gave the art form its first home, providing it for drunken crooners seven nights a week year after year – and helped give birth to the phenomenon that we can’t live without today. These days there are places to sing everywhere, but it's a classic Chinese-American dive like Yen Wor that brings that classic feel you just don't get singing in the newer, glitzier spots. Every night of the week, the Yen Wor Village brings in a great regular crowd that loves to sing and shows love for everyone that takes the stage. They have good sound, nice KJs, a goofy flirt of a bartender named Wendy, and a thick book. It’s not completely current, but the pros know the new stuff matters very little as long as you have those original essentials from the 60’s, 70’s, and especially the 80’s. I can say from plenty of experience, this catalog has everything you need. JEFF ROMAN

Starts: Jan. 21. Daily, 9 p.m., 2011

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