Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan: Interesting Narrative Structure, and a New Use for Butter

Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan is not a XXX parody of Annie in the style of Pirates. There's no creepy old Daddy Warbucks with a naive, barely legal redhead here. Instead, Little Oral Annie is the stage name of our star; according to Ron Jeremy's 2007 autobiography, she sometimes rubbed butter or margarine on her gums to help the blow jobs along. The premise of this flick is simple: Annie likes to travel, but instead of going to museums, she sucks a lot of genitalia, and right now she's in Manhattan. "Maybe next I'll be in your hometown," she purrs at the film's close. A true product of the '80s, Annie is great for thigh-highs, money shots (not a single male orgasm goes unseen!), and presumptuous dudes with mustaches. Just in case narrative and explication bore you, Annie recounts her Manhattan trysts while going down on an anonymous cock in what one can only assume, from the plain white backdrop and soft light, is Blow Job Heaven. Here, she thrusts the cock balls-deep into her throat. She then takes the cock out of her mouth for three seconds to explain what double penetration is. She introduces the last, all-hands-on-deck scene by saying she doesn't normally like orgies, despite the fact that every scene in the film involves group sex. Aside from Annie and a series of basically interchangeable cocks, this ensemble cast includes such compelling characters as The Girl Who Has Big Nipples and Likes Having Her Nipples Sucked, The Girl With the Mullet, and a brunette. Annie seems to go for these ladies first and the men as afterthoughts, but scenes that start with all women never end without a few dudes in the mix. Despite its interesting narrative structure and dynamite hairdos, two aspects of Annie are unforgivable. First, there's a lack of teamwork. Group sex inevitably just turns into two couples doin' it side-by-side. Second, there are the omnipresent long, acrylic nails in a movie tits-deep in girl-on-girl. Nails like this should never penetrate anything. And ultimately, they don't—the nails are just an excuse to let Annie's tongue do all the work.

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