The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce Wants You to "Like" Them

They'd also like your money too.

Last Wednesday was a New Year's celebration of sorts for the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, with a capacity crowd—we counted more than 65 people—for its annual meeting over lunch at the High Point Neighborhood Center. For one, it marked the changing of the guard, as outgoing board chair Jerome O. Cohen joined CEO Patti Mullen in welcoming new chair Dave Montoure of California Avenue's West 5 Lounge. When Montoure asked the crowd how many were attending their first Chamber lunch, more than a few hands rocketed up. Business owners ranging from retail to real estate, banks to bars, and media to mortuaries and beyond then convened into small groups to brainstorm ideas for boosting West Seattle's economic health—the issue that more than half the respondents to a recent WSCC survey said should be the Chamber's top priority. Comparing the 2010 survey responses to those of years earlier—2003 and 2006—it's easy to see how those priorities have changed: Strengthening the economy is way up, while providing networking opportunities is way down. The respondents' assessment of the Chamber's relevance to their businesses was also dramatically different—less than a fifth of the 2003 respondents thought it was relevant. Now almost all respondents rank its relevance as either "high" or "medium." One big focus for this year is to expand efforts to get the word out, on and off the peninsula, about West Seattle's businesses and other attributes. To that end, online you'll soon see a tourism-based website ( that's not up yet, and a new Facebook page that is.Click here for the original story

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