Petty Party

Combining peanut butter and chocolate was a great idea. So too is making sure to have a beer mug in the freezer at all times, so even warm Busch fetched five minutes ago at Albertson's gets down to drinking temperature really quickly. Casting Robert Downey Jr., Leslie Mann, Michael Keaton or Paul Rudd in pretty much any movie are also fantastic ideas. Playing the Allman Brothers Band while on mushrooms has, was, and always will be a wonderful idea, likewise putting butter and gravy on mashed potatoes. And creating an alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer called the John Daly? Fucking brilliant. Better than all these ideas, however, is a cover band devoted exclusively to the oeuvre of Tom Petty, perhaps the most underrated legend in rock history. Petty Party is such a band. Great idea. With The Golden Blondes, Pipsisewah. MIKE SEELY

Wed., Jan. 26, 9 p.m., 2011

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