Food News & Notes: Kenny G's Crumpets & Breast-Milk Cheese

Also in Voracious News: penguin sausage and caffeine-free Four Loko.

For those of you who've been suffering through the watermelon-flavored DT's ever since Washington state banned the sale of Four Loko, the good news is that everyone's favorite brain-cell destroyer is back. Kinda. What's actually back is a new version of the wretched brew, with all the caffeine, taurine, and wolverine testosterone removed so as to get around the ban on caffeinated alcohol. So basically, it's just a big can of brightly colored malt liquor. But still—rejoice, ye frat boys, for Blackout in a Can is back. And if that's not enough for you, another company out there is now marketing canned whisky. This is really nothing more than eight shots of barley juice packaged in a pop-top beer can and made by a Panamanian company with a Scottish address, but it does allow you to take the hard stuff places where the hard stuff was previously difficult to carry. You know, like the beach. Or church. Elsewhere on the Voracious blog (, human breast-milk cheese was back in the news, and we were all over it. We also ran a list of 10 reasons why Seattle should be jealous of Vancouver (three words: soup dumpling trucks); went to the Unicorn in Capitol Hill to burn off our hangovers with corn dogs, Lucky Charms, and eggs Benny; detailed the temporary closure of Kenny G's favorite Seattle crumpet shop (called, super-creatively, The Crumpet Shop); and let the Seattle Food Geek tell us all about his freaky fantasy life—most of it involving lasers, coconut plasma, and humping field mice. Weird. We happy-houred at Six Arms (300 E. Pike St.); talked with chef Alvin Binuya of Ponti Seafood Grill (3014 Third Ave.) about fish (what else?); and made note of the opening of the terribly named Munchbar in Bellevue Square—a Vegas-based comfort-food operation that serves French fries by the bucket. Stay classy, Bellevue! In Ballard, the Mexican restaurant and karaoke bar Tarasco caught fire on Wednesday. We then rounded up the top 10 local tweeters twittering about beer and the five most repulsive pop flavors in the world (cat pee was #1); made a list of unusual animals that ought to be turned into food (mmm . . . penguin sausage); and then, our hearts and typing fingers exhausted, called it a weekend and went out and got hammered with the neighbors at Tarasco, which, against all odds, had managed to turn things around and open again by Friday night for fire-themed karaoke. Nice way to cap off the week, right?

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